have you ever stood beneath a waterfall and tried to take a sip? well, neither had i, until that day. until the downpour came so fast and so intensely that I had to get out in the middle of it. had to stand beneath it just trying to take it all in, worried i wouldn't catch it all. there, face to the sky, arms wide, catching a revelation.

this is a sacred place - set apart for revelation alone. you will not find me here, only Him, only what He desires to say. this holy ground is dedicated unto the LORD. i will simply place uncut stone, upon uncut stone.

Saturday, January 13, 2018


LORD, what would You tell Your beloved people this day?

Mine.  Mine own hear Me and they answer My call.  They arise and take hold of what is right and they yield to My will. They uphold the Goodness of God by their actions.  They walk in truth and in the Light of My Love.  They spread My Righteousness across the lands.  They are many and I am for them.  They labor not in vain, but will bring forth a harvest of righteousness in due time. 

When they hear my call they shall arise, they shall take up their weapons and battle in the streets.  Prayer and fasting will be on their lips.  They shall behold the Splendor of God as they travail as they march against the gates of hell.  When the time comes, be ready.  Do not turn back for the time is come.  Do not delay for I will move quickly and you will be lost.  Keep step, be close, be ready for I am calling mine own.

This day it begins!  Do you hear the thunder of the hooves?  See the riders are deployed!  See, even now they come and soon their feet with fall upon the earth.  Be ready. Be ready, for I AM come.

Here and now is the moment of preparation.  Will you arise and be counted?  Will you slumber and be crushed under the weight of the fight?  Be up and prepared for the time will be soon.   Hinder not the work I am doing.  Be hindered not by spells cast over you – these are charms and they must be broken, offered in the flames.  Shrug them off, burn them before Me.  Take instead the Breastplate of Righteousness and bind it on.  Be shackled in, never to depart.  Arise oh warriors for the time is come and a way must be made in this place. I have gone before you follow quickly that you may not fall behind and become prey.  Ease is the enemy, comfort –your death.  Be bold in My Strength, be happy that your life may be cut down in this battle, before the Time is come and suffering falls upon the earth.  Rejoice you who have lost much in this battle for one day soon you shall see face-to-face the One who has carried you through.  Rejoice, for you shall see clearly and you will behold the Face of God.  Stand fast, stand steady.  Do not waiver for the time is come.  Be valiant and fearsome for the time is now.  Take up the plow and burn it for the harvest has come! 

I say, arise faithful ones, and come.