have you ever stood beneath a waterfall and tried to take a sip? well, neither had i, until that day. until the downpour came so fast and so intensely that I had to get out in the middle of it. had to stand beneath it just trying to take it all in, worried i wouldn't catch it all. there, face to the sky, arms wide, catching a revelation.

this is a sacred place - set apart for revelation alone. you will not find me here, only Him, only what He desires to say. this holy ground is dedicated unto the LORD. i will simply place uncut stone, upon uncut stone.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Armor up

 Tuesday, August 31, 2021 

A Word from the LORD. 


(What a Name we have in Jesus – a beautiful and glorious Name.) I asked the LORD what he’d want to say and this is what He spoke to me. (It seems a pronouncement) 


“The LORD God Almighty cometh. He brings in His right has a swift sword. It will level the haughty. Bring peace to the lowly. It will bring justice to the downtrodden and hope to the brokenhearted. 


My time is coming and behold, it is at the door waiting to be beckoned “come.” Once My time arrives all will cease to be as it was. War will no longer be rumors for the enemy will call for a final battle, one that encamps the whole world. All that you have known will fail. All that has been will pass away and a new order will begin. In it, Mine will prosper while the world falls at their feet (falls dead at their feet) You will stay, you will not go. All that you have known will be no  more. (Don’t just look to save your own but for the welfare of those around you.)


In 9 days the door will open and time will come rushing in. Be ready. (LORD, what do I need to do to be ready? Will You show me please?) On the 10th day all will be made clear – wait, watch.


See how even now I have made a place to sit in the rock? See that it is just what you need and it fits you? You will have what you need, in due season.


A prophet must be proved. She must withstand the test. Post this and see. See that you have heard. See that I am about My work. See…


While the world sleeps evil is conniving and contriving destruction. War is about to be loosed that will make way for the end of all things. Once I have spoken, it must come to pass – for My Word cannot lie. Once I take mount I will not relent until all is under My feet. Until they are no more.


Gird up in My armor that you may battle well. Intercede for the lost that I may relent, lest they perish. For when I come I will plow down who are raised up against Me. None shall stand. The enemy is deceiving do not forget that what appears innocent is not. They will rise from nowhere and attack and you will be in awe. Surprise is on their side, but do not fear for I am there, they will not reign for long. The tide will turn quickly, just as they begin to rejoice. And their rejoicing will turn to terror as they see Me on the horizon, knowing defeat is imminent. They will wail and mourn and lash out one final time to take with them as many as they can to the depth of Hell. To darkness and gloom for all eternity-damned beyond damned…


Even then they will not give up, they will claw and grasp all the way down, many will be snatched, caught up in their clutches – wailing wildly, trying to escape. Who will recue them? Who will I send? 


(I sense the enemy will arise in Kentucky, Alabama, Michigan, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Montana. The targets - California & New York – the pride. It’s a warning to show their strength and aid in submission. They will be bold, brazen, proud of their destruction, though it is as a shot over the bow of a ship. The real battle is yet to come. Armor up!