have you ever stood beneath a waterfall and tried to take a sip? well, neither had i, until that day. until the downpour came so fast and so intensely that I had to get out in the middle of it. had to stand beneath it just trying to take it all in, worried i wouldn't catch it all. there, face to the sky, arms wide, catching a revelation.

this is a sacred place - set apart for revelation alone. you will not find me here, only Him, only what He desires to say. this holy ground is dedicated unto the LORD. i will simply place uncut stone, upon uncut stone.

Monday, March 16, 2015

You admire my sunrises and sunsets, these are tiny things, imagine what I have prepared for you.  In the New Heaven & New Earth I will be the Light, my radiance will eclipse this small beauty and you will see my majesty...

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