have you ever stood beneath a waterfall and tried to take a sip? well, neither had i, until that day. until the downpour came so fast and so intensely that I had to get out in the middle of it. had to stand beneath it just trying to take it all in, worried i wouldn't catch it all. there, face to the sky, arms wide, catching a revelation.

this is a sacred place - set apart for revelation alone. you will not find me here, only Him, only what He desires to say. this holy ground is dedicated unto the LORD. i will simply place uncut stone, upon uncut stone.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

El Roi - The God Who Sees

(LORD what would You say to Your children that are suffering?)

I see you.  I see you.  My heart is for you, never doubt that.  I am working for your good and though these days are long and difficult I am with you always.  Cling to my right arm and I will bear you up.  Hold fast to me and I will deliver you.  Do not let the weight of this burden bear down on you.  Stand under it with grace, with hope, with joy.  This is but a fleeting moment in our story.  You shall rise and you shall be victorious in the end.  Do not be dismayed, but instead look for My hand at work.  Smile with full assurance that I am in control no matter what you see, no matter what you hear.  I am not working against you but for you.  Remember that my ways are not your ways, but that I hold it all in the palm of my hand.  Remember how much I have loved you and rest in that.  Know that for all time, for all seasons I AM.  And I am enough.  Be strengthened in this knowledge, be strong of heart.  Take courage, take it up and wield it well.  Your enemy (though not my enemy for I have defeated him and he is no equal) still prowls so be on guard.  Look beyond the work of human hands and see what is happening in the eternal.  Look beyond yourself and see my Kingdom. Remember that I have given you resources of Heaven – ask!  I will bring down strongholds and make a way.  I will loose what binds and free those enslaved.  No matter what you see, no matter what you hear, trust in Me. Trust Me.  I will bring you home unto Me when our story is done.  For now, be brave, be faithful.  Stand in the knowledge of My love and My grace.  You are my beloved and I shall never forget you nor leave you.  Rest in that, even in the darkness.  My love for you is enough, it is enough.  Breath it in, let it fill you.  I have loved you from before the foundation of the world and I will not stop now.

Beloveds, I see, I see.

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