have you ever stood beneath a waterfall and tried to take a sip? well, neither had i, until that day. until the downpour came so fast and so intensely that I had to get out in the middle of it. had to stand beneath it just trying to take it all in, worried i wouldn't catch it all. there, face to the sky, arms wide, catching a revelation.

this is a sacred place - set apart for revelation alone. you will not find me here, only Him, only what He desires to say. this holy ground is dedicated unto the LORD. i will simply place uncut stone, upon uncut stone.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Jesus, eager for His return

(Jesus walked down to the banks of the Jordan, looking across it to the East)

Come down to the Jordan (River) See, see My land.  My heart breaks that it is torn apart by war.  Rent in two. I long for the day when my feet will trod upon this earth again.  For then I will come with recompense.  Then I shall hold in my hand the scales and justice shall reign.  In those days I will rule with fire.  Winnow in my hand. In those days we will be as I desired from the beginning.  We will be one.  I, in you, you in Me. (speaking of all those, us, who are His) Together forever.  And my joy, your joy, will be complete.  In that Day we will rejoice over the work of the Father.  We will praise His Name.  He, He alone receives the Glory, the honor.   

(what about You Jesus?)

My Father exalts Me.  He alone is worthy to lift Me up.  I will stand before His throne and be crowned by His own hand. My place is beside the Father, at His right hand.  He and I, we are One.  He and I, we are the same.  He and I, we live in complete unity. 

(What do You want to say to Your people today?)

Tell them I am coming. My return is near.  Be ready, be ready to receive your King.

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